ISD 719 School Board Candidate Forum - 10/12/22

Open Agenda

Forum Introduction 00:00:15

Opening Statements 00:03:55

Q1. What motivates you to want to become a school board member? 00:20:54

Q2. As a school board member, how would you respond to parents' concerns about what is being taught in the classroom? 00:33:20

Lighting round one: Does music and art instruction benefit students? 00:46:07

Q3. What are a school board member's roles and responsibilities? How does that differ from the roles/responsibilities of the superintendent or administration? 00:47:02

Q4. What role does equity and diversity play in public schools? How would you provide a quality education for a diverse student population? 00:57:43

Lightning round two: Who is the most important person in a child's day at school? 01:10:07

Q5. What are 2-3 major issues facing ISD 719 and how would you address them? 01:11:09

Q6. What are your financial priorities for the district? 01:24:14

Closing Statements 01:36:56