Savage City Council Candidate Forum - 8/11/22

Open Agenda

Introductions 00:03:00

1. There are many different and successful styles of City Councilmembers. How would you describe your style? What do you think is most important to being a quality City Councilmember? 00:07:52

2. How would you describe the City to a friend or family member not familiar with our community? 00:13:23

3. The City of Savage has become more diverse over the past two decades. Do you think this affects how the City should provide services? 00:18:38

4. Do you think the City should stay in the municipal liquor business or get out? 00:23:34

5. How do you think the City should guide development as it reaches full build out and after? 00:28:07

6. The State legislature recently made edible THC products more widely available. What are your thoughts on how cities (or County and State) should address these new products. 00:34:05

7. What is your position on removing the “Dan Patch Moratorium”, also called the “gag order”, and how would implementing a commuter line through Savage affect its businesses and residents? 00:39:39

8. How much input should Savage have on any discussions between Burnsville and Waste Management regarding the build-up of the landfill site in Burnsville and its impact on the Savage drinking water and local environment? 00:45:51

9. What is the most important issue facing the City of Savage in the next five years? 00:50:36

Closing Statements 00:56:21